Ohio district's buses get equipped with video, GPS

Rocky River schools is using software to help design bus routes based on where 1,700 kids are picked up or dropped off. Then the drivers go out and test the routes, making minor improvements as they go along.

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High schools with late start times help teens but bus schedules can conflict

Decades of sleep research have confirmed what parents know: It's hard for teenagers to wake up early. Some high schools have adopted late starts around 8:30 a.m. to improve attendance and performance.

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Scrimp on school-bus safety to save Columbus schools $6M?

The largest potential savings to Columbus City Schools’ transportation operation — getting someone else to pay for busing charter-school students — was dropped from a final report discussed Monday by a subcommittee of Mayor Michael B. Coleman’s education commission.

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Florida district scanned children's eyes without permission

Parents in the Polk County (Fla.) district received a letter stating a pilot program would track bus riders using each child’s iris. Parents could opt out, but by the time they learned about the program, the company charged with gathering the information had already captured images of about 750 children’s eyes.

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Walking Buses Gain Speed

New York Senator Wants Cameras on School Buses to Prosecute Dangerous Drivers

The New York Association for Pupil Transportation voiced their support for legislation that would allow the installation and use of stop arm cameras on school buses.

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Surveillance Video Shows Bus Driver Kicking Autistic Girl Onto Ground

A Florida school district has released video that appears to show a bus driver kicking an autistic student down the stairs. Wilkerson was fired after the Sept. 28, 2012, incident, which Tampa police say resulted in a broken ankle for the young girl, reported NBC affiliate WFLA.com. Wilkerson now faces aggravated child abuse charges, the station said.

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Bus Strike Threat Looms Over NYC Schools

A continuing dispute over job protections for New York City school bus drivers means the threat of a strike is still looming, potentially disrupting transportation for about 152,000 students as soon as this week.

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Columbia Public Schools (Mo.) Hires First School Bus Safety Coordinator

Tina DeClue is standing behind a school bus at Shepard Boulevard Elementary School on a recent Friday morning when she hears a little voice call to her.

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Debate On Overhauling Boston Schools’ Assignment System Continues

The intense conversation continues about proposed student assignment plans for the Boston Public Schools.

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