How schools are managing the move to mobile

1-to-1 and BYOD programs pose different challenges for district CIOs

BYOT: Is it the great equalizer or causing a wider divide?

Since 23 percent of American teens have tablet computers, 47 percent have smartphones, and 78 percent have cellphones, a bring your own device policy is on the rise, according to the Pew Research Center. But will students who can't afford the technology be left behind?

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What does iOS 7 bring to the BYOD party?

Apple's first rule about enterprise features: 'You don't talk about enterprise features.' While you may not hear it from Cupertino, BYOD features abound in iOS 7 and, according to AirWatch's Blake Brannon, they are 'as innovative as we've seen from Apple.'

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Buncombe County schools start new year with BYOD

Schools in the Buncombe County district in Asheville, N.C., rolled out its bring your own device program this week as some 26,000 students headed back to school. The program encourages students and teachers to bring in their cell phones, laptops, tablets, and other devices for use in the classroom.

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Shelton, Conn. authorizes a BYOD policy

The Shelton Board of Education is working to enact a BYOD policy for the schools to allow students to use their personal devices for educational purposes. While on campus, only the internet gateway provided by the school would be allowed to be accessed, and both students and a parent or guardian would have to sign an agreement form.

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Idaho's $3M pilot to support study of tech-related educational success

For the next two years, many educators in Idaho will spend time evaluating the utility of new devices, websites serial comma and applications in their school districts, thanks to a $3 million pilot technology program involving 11 schools across the state.

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"Walls to Windows" immerses students in technology

Westfield (N.J.) Public Schools planning to create connected, collaborative learning community

Should schools allow students to bring their own device?

For decades now, schools have played a role in introducing technology concepts to students. From the computer labs of the 1980s to the single computer on the teacher's desk to classrooms with multiple stations for students to work on, we have seen multiple approaches on how we should use these tools. Should BYOD be next?

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Chesapeake (Va.) high schools to launch BYOD in September

High school students in the Chesapeake, Va. school district will be able to bring their personal digital devices to class in September under a policy recently changed by the school board.

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Participatory learning: Transforming schools with digital media

In today’s blended learning environment, an increasing number of students and teachers have access to technology that extends the educational process well beyond the classroom walls. As part of this trend, school districts across the U.S. are implementing practices and policies that transform learning environments into one of participatory learning for the purpose of improving student outcomes.

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