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In a Pa. School District, Rethinking a Gadget Ban

It's a wired world, and school district officials are taking notice, in some cases even changing their long-standing policies banning students from bringing personal technology into the classroom.

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Reading Software Tailored to Students

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ParentLink Announces Major New Release in ParentLink9

New K12 parent relationship management system gives school districts state-of-the-art communication services, mobile apps and leadership tools, all in a single package.

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Kajeet to Announce the Launch of School Guard for BYOD Programs

Kajeet is pleased to announce the launch of School Guard, the newest addition to its suite of free, online tools developed to empower children both inside and outside of the classroom.

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Smartphones, Tablets to Be Put to Task in Brevard County Schools BYOD Pilot Program

Students will be asked to bring their personal iPads, laptops and smartphones to two Brevard schools this fall that are participating in a pilot “bring your own technology” program.

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Captivate Student Curiosity With STEM Apps

One Tablet Per Child?

Apps and digital content are on the rise, and the multitouch interface may prove to be a game-changer for K12 schools.

Affinity Schools Are Inevitable

Mobile technology is a key enabler.

You've Created a BYOD Program, But is it Safe?

Until recently, student electronic devices, from cell phones to iPods to laptop computers, were the forbidden fruit in schools. But with technology budgets languishing and such devices becoming more powerful, affordable and omnipresent in students' lives, district technology leaders are now eyeing a welcome educational harvest through bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs.

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in Some Schools Parents And-PTAs To Buy Technology

Asking families to buy their own educational technology runs counter to the normal way of doing things in public education.

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