Baltimore County School Veteran to Head New Safety Office

When Baltimore County schools Superintendent Dallas Dance announced plans this fall to create a school safety office in the aftermath of several gun incidents, some in the community assumed he would pick someone with a badge to lead the new department.

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Chicago Board of Education Okays Teacher Contract

The Chicago Board of Education has approved a three-year contract negotiated with the Chicago Teachers Union after a strike.

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Three N.J. High Schools Roll Out New CTEP Marketing Course to Prepare Students for College, Career

Carteret High School, Mount Olive High School in Flanders, and JFK High School in Paterson are the first schools in New Jersey to offer Principles of Marketing, a 35-week standards based course that uses up-to-date marketing materials and real-world problem-solving exercises to better prepare students for a career or college.

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Popularity in School Leads to Higher Paychecks Later, Study Says

Those considered popular in secondary school earned 2% more decades later than oddballs such as Napoleon Dynamite – a so-called popularity premium. So says a new analysis of data from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study, which follows more than 10,000 people who graduated from the blackboard jungle in Wisconsin in 1957.

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k12/Higher Ed Biz Analyst/Subject Matter Expert

Infojini Consulting, a full service IT consulting, services, and staffing firm with offices in Maryland and Washington, DC, is looking for a Business Analyst with subject matter expertise in education. Among other things, the job requires working collaboratively with stakeholder groups and development teams to identify, design and develop educational business accountability and performance metrics, reports and dashboards.​

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Thirteen Oakland (Calif.) Schools to Lose Teachers, Report Says

This year, 14 teachers are being moved to other schools, a process known as "consolidation," because fewer students enrolled in a particular school than the district expected, the Oakland school district has reported.

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Chicago Students Return to School After Strike

Chicago Public Schools returned to their classrooms Wednesday with pay raises on the horizon after a seven-day strike, but details on how the cash-strapped district would pay for them remained scarce.

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Is Higher Education Out of Reach for Your Kids?

My daughter is 3 and tells me she wants to be a doctor. ... I realize that it’s a long road between preschool and med school. But I love the idea of her professional achievements surpassing mine and my husband’s (and having a doctor in the family in my golden years).

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Opinion: Ed Schools vs. Education

If our kids learned as much in school as Canadian kids do, we'd increase our gross domestic product by about $50 trillion over the next 80 years, estimates Eric Hanushek of the Hoover Institution.

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