Mobile App Pilot Sparks Interest in STEM

Students produced three components for their culminating project: a business plan, a working mobile app, and a strategy to bring the app to the Android market.

Innovation in Virginia's K12 Education

One of the most important components of economic development is making sure that we have a well-educated, qualified workforce to fill the new jobs coming to and being created in Virginia.

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Widening Participation to an International Baccalaureate Education

A new IB Career-related Certificate program will pair academic rigor and international focus with technical training.

6-Year Chicago High Schools to Open in Fall

Some Chicago students will leave their high schools equipped with a diploma, a degree and a promise of a job interview.

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In a Diverse District, a College Culture Is Born

Maria Ott led Rowlands Unified School District through a major transformation to improve teaching and learning, supported by the Ball Foundation.
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Tech Classes Cut Despite Demand

Nicollette Spooner has known since she was a little girl that she wanted to be a beautician, but her long-term plan has met some near-term challenges.

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Book Excerpt: A Culturally Proficient Society Begins in School

In the attached book excerpt, three superintendents speak frankly about the problems they faced as educational leaders of color, and as women in charge of male-dominated institutions.

Career-Based Learning Expands

Administrators in Olathe (Kan.) Unified School District have spent the past decade identifying and developing opportunities for immersion in a range of career paths relevant to local students.
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Steve Jobs’ Top 15 Quotes on Education

It’s only been 1 month since the untimely death of Steve Jobs; and Steve would be pleased to know that he’s still in the news and still a large part of the public consciousness. There’s a new biography out and soon to be aired never before seen TV interviews. And, his quotes abound.

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What’s Readiness Got to Do with College and Career Success?

Educators can ensure success by understanding the causes of postsecondary failure.