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Give Charter Schools a Chance

Despite efforts by both parties to paint President Obama and Governor Romney as opposites, there is at least one policy area they agree on — the need to bolster our education system and expand the use of charter schools.

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Audit: U.S. Oversight of Charter School Funds Lax

An audit of the U.S. Department of Education's division overseeing hundreds of millions of dollars in charter school funding has criticized the office for failing to properly monitor how states spend the money.

Calif. Sees Record Number of New Charter Schools

California's charter schools continue to grow at a rapid clip with more new schools opening than ever before, an industry association said Wednesday.

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Boston School Officials Propose Converting Marshall Elementary into Charter School

Boston school officials announced today that they intend to tap an education-management company to convert the Marshall Elementary School in Dorchester into a charter school next fall, under a proposal to boost student achievement at the academically struggling school.

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Ga. Charter Schools Association Faulted for Political Email

The Georgia Charter Schools Association has come under criticism for sending an email to school leaders asking for their help as the organization tried to arrange what appears to be a political ad.

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Fla. Virtual Academy Charter School Approved in Pinellas County

Pinellas County Schools approved the Florida Virtual Academy, a new public charter school which will be open to families in Pinellas County. Set to open in 2013, the new public school will serve grades K8 and expand to high school in subsequent years.

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Some Milwaukee Area Schools Lose Students

More than half the school districts in the four-county Milwaukee metro area saw enrollment decreases at the start of this school year, but enrollment is up in some of Wisconsin's largest virtual charter schools.

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Ex-U.S Education Official Knocks School Closings As ‘Destabilizing’

Closing public schools to reopen new ones destroys communities and does nothing to better educate children, education historian and New York University professor Diane Ravitch told the City Club of Chicago Monday.

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Voters Can Choose a Forward Path on Education Reform

Washington state’s education system must change in big ways — and it will, partly by stick and potentially by choice.

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