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Charter School Board Approves New Indiana School

The Indiana Charter School Board has approved a new charter school in Fort Wayne that must meet specific enrollment goals before it can open its doors. The board voted 5-1 Wednesday to approve the Carpe Diem Indiana charter school, but the school must demonstrate by July 15 that its enrollment will fall between its "break-even" financial number and its goal of 130 students for the first year.

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Two New Charters for Boston

If all of the charters recommended by the department move forward, there will be 1,600 new charter seats in Boston, with the percentage of Boston public students in Boston public charters closing in on the 18 percent threshold established with the 2010 education reform law.

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Texas Bill Seeks to Lift Charter School Cap

The head of the Texas Senate Education Committee has filed a bill lifting the cap on the number of charter schools allowed to operate statewide, and authorizing them to receive public facilities funding. Current state law restricts to 215 the number of charter school licenses. But Sen. Dan Patrick's measure would allow an unlimited number of charters.

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States Strengthening Charter Laws, Report Says

Los Angeles Teachers Union Wins Right to Represent Charter School

The Los Angeles teachers union announced Wednesday night that it has won the right to negotiate a contract for teachers and counselors at a West San Fernando Valley charter school.

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Major Urban Areas Have Hundreds Of Vacant Schools, Report Says

Hundreds of schools in the nation's largest cities are sitting empty as education officials struggle to sell these potentially valuable properties that are a drain on school district finances, according to a study released Monday.

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Proposal Boosts N.H. Aid to Charter Schools

Charter school supporters urged New Hampshire lawmakers Tuesday to increase state aid to these nontraditional schools.

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Preferential Treatment Shown to Certain Businesses in Charter Construction in Ill.

Built in 2011 with $25 million from Illinois taxpayers, the curvy, stainless-steel structure that houses the UNO Soccer Academy Elementary Charter School leaps out from the neighboring landscape of boxy brick houses on the Southwest Side.

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Mass. Charters Cite Building Costs as Major Problem

Charter school supporters are hoping the new research will buoy calls for their schools to receive a bigger piece of the state budget pie — despite concerns that a funding increase might divert resources from public schools

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2 Tucson Charter Schools Approved

Two new charter schools are slated to open in Tucson this fall.

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