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Minnesota Schools Still Separate, Still Unequal

In 1954, the United States Supreme Court made one of the most important decisions in this nation’s history in Brown v. Board of Education.

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Fla. Parents Voice Concern Over Charter Schools' Finances

Pembroke Pines charter school parents showed up in full force Monday night to voice their concerns about the financial instability of the city-run charter system.

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Racial Divide Seen in Mississippi Debate Over Charter Schools, Reform

Mississippi lawmaker Kenneth Wayne Jones, a Democrat, briefly became a political pariah last winter when he voted in favor of a proposal to expand charter schools in his state. He was the only African-American state senator to support the bill, which most members of Mississippi’s legislative Black Caucus disavowed.

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Penn. Should Call Time-Out On Cyber Charters

Across Pennsylvania, school districts face unprecedented financial and structural challenges, leading many to drain reserves, furlough staff, and end proven, research-based programs. Yet one sector of public education is burgeoning, due in part to a lack of sufficient regulation by the state and a funding system that creates incentives for rapid growth.

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Racial Divide Seen in Miss. Debate Over Charter Schools, Reform

This winter, charter supporters will make their fifth attempt in five years to bring charters to Mississippi, one of a dwindling number of states without a real charter school law.

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Gloucester, Mass. Charter School to Close Next Week

A charter school in Gloucester that had agreed to close at the end of the school year is instead shutting down at the end of next week. The 100 remaining students at the Gloucester Community Arts Charter School will be moved into regular public schools.

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Philadelphia School District Plans to Close Dozens of Schools

Facing deep financial problems, the Philadelphia School District has proposed an unprecedented downsizing that would close 37 campuses by June — roughly one out of six public schools.

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Ind. Charter Schools Continue to Show Strong Test Score Gains, Study Shows

Charter schools in Indiana are among the nation’s best at raising student test scores when compared with other public schools, a Stanford University study showed.

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Teachers, Others Head to Tacoma (Wash.) to Learn About Charter Schools

If turnout at a charter school conference held Saturday in Tacoma is any measure, there’s definitely some interest in the independently managed, publicly financed schools that were approved by voters in November.

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K12 Education in Barack Obama’s Second Term of Office

Changes are on the horizon, but what does it mean to school leaders?