Chinese Language Classes a Hit in Ind.

At Logansport High School, 47 students are enrolled in Chinese language classes — and are putting together complete sentences before their first semester is over.

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Mandarin Chinese Descends on the Deep South

S.C. District Officials to Study Educational Practices in China

Four Horry County Schools officials will head to China next month as part of a program where they will learn about the country’s educational system while establishing connections meant to reach into local classrooms.

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The Education System That Pulled China Up May Now Be Holding It Back

China wants inventors and entrepreneurs, but its schools, built around the notorious gaokao exam, are still designed to produce cookie-cutter engineers and accountants.

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Delaware Joins Chinese language Education Consortium

Delaware is one of four state education agencies, four Chinese Flagship Centers and numerous school districts from across 10 states that are working collaboratively to implement K-12 Chinese education pathways over the next three years.

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First American and Chinese Public School Opens

Northeast Yucai Oxford International High School, a first-of-its-kind public school, opened its doors in Shenyang, China, this fall.

Navigation for Exceptional Students

This Minnesota superintendent is trying to close this "excellence gap" through innovative curricula.

Mandarin Chinese Made Personal

At Socorro's Eastlake High School, ninth graders have begun learning Mandarin Chinese using an online tool.