collective bargaining

Where Charter Bargaining Agreements Fall Short

A new report says charter school union contracts lack many inventive provisions.

Proposed Ohio Bill Would Expand Voucher Program to All Districts

Not all public school educators opposed Senate Bill 5, though more than a few administrators and school board members stood beside the teachers’ unions in working to repeal the controversial collective bargaining law.

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Ohio's Issue 2 Battle Could Impact School Votes

The contentious, high-spending campaign in Ohio over Issue 2, a proposed repeal of new restrictions on bargaining for teachers and other public employees, is casting a shadow over school levies on ballots across the state.

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Wisconsin’s Ripple Effect

Unions around the country are fearing their collective bargaining rights will too be taken away.

Wisconsin District Administrators Say Bills Go Too Far

District administrators in Wisconsin would appreciate greater management leeway in negotiations with teachers' unions, but many say the collective bargaining restrictions crafted by Gov. Scott Walker and the republican-controlled legislature go too far.