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Ypsilanti (Mich.) schools to pursue college scholarship program

Could two years of free tuition to community college be guaranteed to graduating students of the new Ypsilanti Community Schools district? A group of school and community leaders are trying to make it happen.

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New Denver Public Schools remedial classes aimed at college success

KayLynn McAbee is one of thousands of high school graduates across Colorado slated to take costly remedial courses that do not count toward her college degree. But McAbee will not have to pay for the courses because of a new summer program developed by Denver Public Schools.

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Concurrent high school-college program makes sense

Community colleges say their incoming students often aren't ready to take the courses that could prepare them for good jobs in technical fields. Meanwhile, many students can't see themselves heading to a four-year college after high school, and high schools know their diplomas are no longer enough to get graduates good jobs. Maybe if students, high schools, community colleges and technology companies worked together, they could get what they need.

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High schoolers with cybersecurity experience are in high demand

Five dozen teenagers decrypting codes, cleaning malware and fending off network intrusions in the finals of a national cybersecurity contest got a glimpse of the labor market’s appetite for their skills as sponsors such as network equipment maker Cisco Systems Inc. described career opportunities. Internships start as young as 16 at Northrop Grumman Corp.

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Texas Schools May Face New Rating System

Texas public schools are set to face a tweaked accountability system for 2013 that will continue to grade schools largely on test scores but also will highlight improvement on the state exams.

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NYC Schools Chancellor Announces Common Core Awareness Campaign

New York City Schools Chancellor Dennis M. Walcott Monday announced a new citywide public awareness poster campaign to help continue to familiarize public school parents with the transition to the Common Core Learning Standards and the new state exams that begin this week.

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Seniors Have Greater Interest in STEM Careers Now

High Schools May Have to Pay for Unprepared Graduates

Mississippi and Maine have become the latest in a series of states to question whether school districts should be held financially responsible when students arrive at college unprepared.

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New Reading Standards Aim To Prep Kids For College — But At What Cost?

The question is one stirring debate over how to integrate nonfiction works into English programs to improve reading scores, while not abandoning the novels that have become the gold standard of high school reading lists.

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Homestead-Wakefield School Discussed at Harford School Budget Meeting

At two previous sessions, PTA president Mary Harris requested increased access to computers and infrastructure improvements. This time, she thanked the board and county officials for listening.

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