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School Counselors Underutilized, Survey Says

Student Assessments for 21st-Century Needs

Donors Can Help Reboot School Technology

Computer repair business owner Christopher Baran was taken aback when attending a charity event at the Christian K-12 Shorewood school, Christ's Academy, recently.

Its computers were pretty out of date, he could see, and there weren't enough for the number of students.

"They showed me what they were working with," Baran said, "and it was nowhere near what they should have, and not everything worked. A lot of their computers were several generations outdated."

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Math Assessments for College and Career Readiness Approved

PARCC and its Advisory Committee on College Readiness agree on a policy establishing high school math assessments for making students college- and career-ready.

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Reshaping Alabama's Education System

Former Hanceville student Miranda Robertson made good grades and got all the inspiration she needed from her high school experience to eventually return as a teacher’s aide in the Cullman County school system. What she didn’t get? A diploma. Robertson would have graduated in 2005, and though she got to walk and received a certificate of attendance, she still couldn’t technically graduate because she failed one section of a certain standardized test. It didn’t matter that she made As and Bs every year — what she really needed was a passing mark on the Alabama High School Graduation Exam.

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Tutoring, College Prep Offered to Conn. Student-athletes

Student-athletes in all grades are hoping to soon get a boost from Greenwich Education Group, which will set up shop at Sono Field House in South Norwalk to help the students improve academics and prepare for college. The Greenwich-based firm, which currently provides students and parents throughout the state with a myriad of academic services — including academic tutoring, test prep and college counseling — will soon take over the 52,000 square foot indoor sports and special events facility and offer a fee-based educational services to student-athletes.

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College Readiness Mission of 20 New Texas Charter Schools

The second of 20 San Antonio IDEA Public School campuses is headed to the South Side and and is scheduled to open in fall 2013.

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Atlanta High Schools Regain Full Accreditation

Atlanta Public Schools has reached another milestone in its efforts to get back in the good graces of an agency that governs public school accreditation.

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Westport, Conn. Schools Using Election As Teaching Tool

Even though most of them cannot yet legally vote, many of Westport’s students are getting an important lesson in politics this presidential election year. Students at Coleytown Middle School and Staples High School will be participating in mock elections held at their schools right before Election Day. To prepare for those mock elections, they are learning both about the essential mechanical steps required to register to vote as well as the all-important decision-making process for selecting the candidate of their choice.

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Wisconsin’s New School Accountability System

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has developed a new School Report Card for each public school which uses multiple measures of student learning.

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