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Oklahoma Board of Ed Releases School Grades

More than 90 percent of schools across the state of Oklahoma received a grade of C or higher, with nearly 50 percent receiving a B.

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Not Even Half of 2012 Grads Are College Ready

Miami-Dade Crowned Most Improved Urban District

Strong and steady won the race for Miami-Dade County Public Schools, winner of the 2012 Broad Prize for Urban Education, which recognizes large, urban school districts making gains in student achievement.

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School Evaluations Should Have a Clear Letter Grade

Ohio’s employers keep a vigilant eye on Ohio’s education system, because that is where the future employees of our companies are being educated. Right now, our companies have thousands of openings they cannot fill because they cannot find young people with adequate educational background and training. This gap has huge consequences for our state.

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High School Grads Lack Skills for College, Reports Say

More than half of 2012 high school graduates who took a college entrance exam did not have all of the skills they will need to succeed in college, or a career, a pair of recent reports conclude.

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Four Mass. Schools Hailed for Comprehensive Assessment Gains

Littleton Middle School, Day Elementary School in Westford, Lowell Community Charter School, and Shawsheen Valley Technical High School in Billerica were all recognized as commendation schools due to their impressive Massachusetts Assessment scores.

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Schools, Teachers Preparing Students for a Digital World

Twenty years ago teachers could confidently say that if they taught students the curriculum they would be ready for life after high school. ... Today, in addition to math, English and science, schools are including technology in the subject matter, as both a tool to learn and a tool to be learned.

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Opinion: Ed Schools vs. Education

If our kids learned as much in school as Canadian kids do, we'd increase our gross domestic product by about $50 trillion over the next 80 years, estimates Eric Hanushek of the Hoover Institution.

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