college readiness

Admission Tests Produce Inaccurate Data when Measuring Student Achievement

States using college admission tests such as the SAT or ACT for measuring achievement of state learning standards are being cautioned to rethink using tests in this manner.

A rigorous curriculum promotes higher-order thinking skills in students

SpringBoard®, from the College Board, gives students in a Florida district a leg up on college readiness

A Bull Market for Financial Literacy

The Great Recession compels school districts to teach dollars and sense.

High School Counselors Take it on the Chin

A recent survey finds guidance counselors receiving low marks from graduates.

Improving Literacy from a Different Angle

Career and technical leaders have made reading and writing skills a top priority.

Are We Creating An AP Bubble?

What's behind the explosive growth of Advanced Placement?

Despite the Headlines, College Acceptance Is Not More Competitive

The perception that a college applicant faces more challenges each year may be nothing more than mere myth, according to new study.

ACT Sets New Goals for College Readiness

High school students missing core benchmarks, according to ACT test scores

The College Promise

Some districts are creating innovative programs to inspire all students to pursue higher education.

From Learning What to Learning How

Technology’s role in educational change