Common Core


This online adaptive math program made up of Common Core-aligned and standards-based lessons provides students with a personalized and engaging learning experience. KnowRe’s interactive learning map looks and feels like a game with its quest-like assignments and star-based rewards. Students can access more than 1,000 math concept videos when they need targeted support.

Establishing Comprehensive Assessment Plans for the Common Core

Student progress is best measured by accurate data gathered from effective assessments

ST Math as a tool for creating student-centered learning


Discouraging report card reinforces need for rigorous educational goals

Something has to be done to better ensure that today’s children will be able to compete on the global platform of tomorrow.

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How to Successfully Transition to the Common Core for Math

Gathering the necessary resources and developing a solid plan is essential to implementing the Common Core

The costs, time, and technology of Common Core implementation

As widespread adoption of the Common Core State Standards moves ever closer, the initiative is coming under attack from both the left and right. But school district leaders must ignore the politics and focus on the practical realities of implementation: costs, technology, and training.

New Jersey school district goes 2.0 with digital upgrade

In addition to a multitude of construction projects and repairs made over the summer, the Bayonne school district has upgraded its internet infrastructure by going wireless, which will allow the school to prepare for the Common Core by moving tests online.

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Fight to keep the Common Core from being implemented in schools

Robert Small, the Howard County parent whose name became known from Maine to California when he protested new nationwide education standards, is part of a chorus of increasingly strident voices rising up against the initiative — from both ends of the political spectrum.

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So You Think You’re Ready for Common Core Math?

Game-based software can help your students get ready for upcoming standards and assessments

Mich. Senate hearing on Common Core focuses on tests, state ed board

The Michigan Department of Education does not have an exact cost for the implementation of the Common Core State Standards, but education officials are limited in what actions they can take under the budget provision blocking funding for the standards.

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