Common Core

McGraw-Hill Education showcases digital Common Core and personalized learning programs at ISTE conference

For the first time at the International Society of Technology in Education's (ISTE) annual conference, McGraw-Hill Education is presenting its latest digital solutions that address two of the most important issues and trends in K12 education: the Common Core State Standards and the rise of personalized teaching and learning through technology.

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Summer professional development focuses on Common Core

Chicago Public Schools issues 5-year plan

An annual scorecard on the district's performance and greater accountability throughout the system are some of the promises outlined in the first long-term plan for Chicago Public Schools issued since Mayor Rahm Emanuel took office.

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Common Core practice tests in New York are overwhelming

In April, some 1.2 million New York students took their first Common Core State Standards tests, which are supposed to assess their knowledge and thinking. The first wave of exams was so overwhelming that some parents refused to let their children take the test.

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Pennsylvania Getting Swept into Common Core Debate

On Monday, a group of Senate Democrats, accompanied by members of the American Federation of Teachers, called on Republican Gov. Tom Corbett and the Department of Education to stop implementing the Common Core standards, which Corbett's Democratic predecessor, Gov. Ed Rendell, started to get students ready for college and careers.

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Online videos offer more information on Common Core standards

The Common Core State Standards Initiative, which is managing the standards creation and feedback process, offers a wealth of information on its website to help district staff understand the process and get their questions answered.

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Paranoia About Common Core is a Lousy Way to Fix Schools

For too long, schools from district to district and state to state have had wildly different standards and tests that make it harder for some students to compete and harder for parents and educators to get a handle on how well schools are performing.

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Crash Test

Two decades ago, Texas became ground zero for the accountability movement in public education. Now, after a revolt by teachers and parents who claim that high-stakes testing is ruining classroom instruction, the legislature is poised to undo many of its own reforms. Does anyone have the right answer?

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Why is the Common Core in Trouble?

By David S. Martin, Ph.D., 5-2-13

We read increasing numbers of messages these days about second thoughts that various entities are having in regard to the Common Core Curriculum Standards. On the one hand, this statement of concerns is definitely troubling because for the real first time, the Common Core (for all of its shortcomings) is a bona fide attempt to coordinate American public education—an historic attempt; the resistance is partly due to short-sighted parochialism on the part of some states, wanting to “maintain” their own curriculum.

The Coming Revolution in Public Education

Critics say the standardized test-driven reforms pushed by those like Michelle Rhee may actually be harming students.

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