Common Core

Oklahoma Board of Ed Releases School Grades

More than 90 percent of schools across the state of Oklahoma received a grade of C or higher, with nearly 50 percent receiving a B.

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Three N.J. High Schools Roll Out New CTEP Marketing Course to Prepare Students for College, Career

Carteret High School, Mount Olive High School in Flanders, and JFK High School in Paterson are the first schools in New Jersey to offer Principles of Marketing, a 35-week standards based course that uses up-to-date marketing materials and real-world problem-solving exercises to better prepare students for a career or college.

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Adaptive Math Helps Md. District Transition to Common Core

As districts across the country adopt the Common Core math standards, many district math coordinators are looking for effective tools to help their students transition to the new curriculum.

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Common Core Catches on with Private Schools

With all but four states having adopted the Common Core State Standards since 2010, districts have little choice but to implement them. But many private schools are also making the transition.

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Testing So Schools Can Better Teach

As states across the country move toward a systemic revamping of their educational assessment programs, while embracing significantly higher standards through Common Core State Standards (CCSS), it is a good time to evaluate how states use learning assessments and whether they can be better transformed as teaching and learning tools.

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Telling Teachers They Are Irreplaceable

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Tougher Requirements in Public, Not Voucher Schools

Students enrolled in Louisiana public schools this year will have a tougher curriculum and have to meet higher standards to make the grades they need to advance to the next level.

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Deep Conceptual Learning: Creating Connections That Last

DCL is critical to students’ success in and out of the classroom.
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K12 Vendors on Back to School Trends (VIDEO)

We spoke with several K12 vendors at ISTE 2012 and asked about trends for the upcoming school year.Watch the video

The Costs of Common Core

As school leaders across the nation prepare to implement the Common Core Standards in 2014, a new report proposes three options—with three costs—to use.