Common Core

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Heidi Hayes Jacobs to Present Strategies to Implement the Common Core Standards

On May 8, 2012, renowned educator, author, and consultant, Heidi Hayes Jacobs will partner with School Improvement Network to conduct a webinar to instruct educators in implementing the Common Core Standards through mapping curriculum. 

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The Social Media Phenomenon Encroaching Into the Classroom

Educators are finding a new way to organize and collaborate resources for transition to the Common Core, curriculum mapping, and classroom activities.

Strengthening Support for Science

Funding and partnerships with higher ed institutions can help increase professional development resources.
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Common Core Setting a New Education Standard for Ohio

The Common Core will replace Ohio's state standards adopted in 2002. Prior to then, local districts developed their own curriculum standards.

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New Curriculum Plans on Track in N.C. City

Teachers and administrators at the Mount Airy City Schools are busily preparing to roll out the new Common Core/Essential Standards curriculum set to debut next year — a curriculum that will place more emphasis on critical thinking and problem-solving skills and focus less on rote memorization.

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Products that Prep for Common Core

Report: Major Challenges in Future Online Assessments

A new survey reports most states anticipate major challenges in implementing the online assessments.

Are You Ready for Common Core Math?

2014 will be here sooner than you think.

Searching for Assessment Vendors

While administrators wait for more information about the Common Core assessments, PARCC and SBAC are developing them, including seeking vendors to write test questions.