Ga. Charter Schools Association Faulted for Political Email

The Georgia Charter Schools Association has come under criticism for sending an email to school leaders asking for their help as the organization tried to arrange what appears to be a political ad.

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La. Launches Site on Child Well-being

A new one-stop, online system is available to help parents and others keep track of how Louisiana’s children are doing when it comes to education, health care and poverty statistics.

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A Mississippi District Further Develops Goals

The Tupelo Public School District is working to develop concrete indicators to measure its progress toward district goals.

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Wake County Schools Mirror Nationwide Track Record

Wake County Schools mixed up year-round tracks which forced hundreds of students to be marked down as absent. Parents were confused when school officials contacted them over their absent children.

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Changing Lives With Assistive Technologies

Trad Robinson, chief information officer of the South Carolina School for the Deaf and the Blind, found the transition from a traditional public school to a specialized school as a great opportunity to change lives.

4G Bridges the Digital Divide in Rural Areas

President Obama hopes to bring high-speed wireless Internet to all rural areas in the next five years.

FCC Issues Mandate to All Two-Way Radio Users

More than 50 percent of call signs still need to be narrowbanded to meet compliance by Jan. 1, 2013.

Five Ways to Turn PD Into "Personal Transformation"

How can we shift our view of learning in a more meaningful way?

New N.J. Superintendent Enters, Exiting Supt. Reflects on his Year

Raymond Gonzalez, the new schools superintendent, arrives next week in the midst of a period of tumult in the district.

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Steve Jobs: Student, Teacher and Leader in Revolutionizing Education and Technology

In a time of educational debate and shuffling nationwide, a college dropout, businessman and paragon of technological innovation emerged as an inadvertent, but forceful, momentum for an educational revolution around the world.

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