Coalition Proposes Alternative Solutions for Philly Schools

The solution for avoiding school closings and continued, painful budget cuts in the Philadelphia School District?

Detroit Teachers Protest Right to Work, Education Makeover

While the controversial right-to-work legislation drew all the attention in the last week, teachers from Plymouth-Canton Community Schools in Plymouth, Mich. tried Tuesday to draw some attention to legislation coming down the road that could affect them as much, or more. While they're concerned about the new right-to-work laws, the legislation that concerns them the most is a revamping of the way public schools are funded and who can get public-school funding, and an extension of the Education Achievement Authority's reach.

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More TB Testing Planned at East Georgia School

Health officials say students at Butler High School in east Georgia will continue to be tested for tuberculosis after the holidays as a precaution. Tammy Burdeaux, a nursing and clinical director with the East Central Health District, says officials will re-examine students who returned negative skin tests for tuberculosis bacteria during the initial rounds of testing.

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Philadelphia Super. Hite to Close 37 School Buildings

Philadelphia's Superintendent William R. Hite Jr. announced the proposed closures of 37 school buildings, plus multiple other changes to the cash-poor Philadelphia School District. He is proposing the buildings listed for closure, around 20 elementary schools, a handful of middle schools, and about 10 high schools, shut their doors in June, according to sources and documents obtained by The Inquirer. The schools are in nearly every part of the city and include well-known ones with long histories.

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Maine Town Seeks Taxes from Private School

Maine's highest court will hear arguments this week on whether a private boarding school in central Maine should pay property taxes on facilities it rents to outside groups. The town of Hebron is appealing a Superior Court judgment that Hebron Academy is a "literary and scientific" institution and that most of its real estate is exempt from local property taxes.

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Neb. Officials Avoid Charges in Failure to Report Sex Abuse

Three western Nebraska school officials accused of failing to report allegations that high school wrestlers sexually assaulted a young teammate at a summer wrestling camp will not face charges, an attorney for two of the officials said Friday.

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High School's Condom Fliers Prompt Review by Principal

The principal of a Massachusetts high school is reviewing a school-sanctioned sexual education course after a parent complained that a flier about the class advocated condom use. According to the Berkshire Eagle, Pittsfield High School Principal Tracey Benson received the complaint from parent Bruce Radke, who saw a list of 32 phrases -- described as "Condom Sayings" -- that was passed out to about 15 students, including Radke's daughter Aleisha, a junior at the school.

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Tacoma (Wash.) School Officials Push to Save SPARX

Officials say Tacoma (Wash.) middle school kids will be the big losers if money to save the after-school SPARX program can't be found. "It has a positive impact on our student body," said Jon Kellett, principal of Jason Lee Middle School. "Any after-school programming can help kids find their niche." Krestin Bahr, director of middle schools for Tacoma Public Schools, added: "It's been an effective model. It's a time for kids to explore who they are."

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Florida Tragedies Highlight Training Need

The accidental deaths of two special needs students from Hillsborough County Public Schools in Tampa, Fla. this year are shedding light on the need for comprehensive, mandatory emergency preparedness training for paraeducators. In October, 11-year-old Jennifer Caballero, a middle school student with Down syndrome, was found hiding under the bleachers during gym class by a coach, who two weeks earlier had complained to the assistant principal that the exceptional student education (ESE) aides were inattentive. The coach brought her to the aides, and asked them to keep an eye on her.

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Fiscal Cliff: Ky. Education, Schools Could Take Major Hit

Spending reductions caused by the fiscal cliff would be devastating for Kentucky’s public schools, officials say. According to the Kentucky Department of Education, federal funding for public schools would be reduced up to $61 mil­lion per year for the next 10 years, affecting more than 1,350 jobs and nearly 130,000 students. Higher education officials in Kentucky and Indiana also are warily eying the fiscal cliff talks.

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