11 Texas School Districts Spent $140M on Discipline

A survey of 11 public school districts, which serve a quarter of Texas children, found that officials spend $227 million a year on disciplinary programs and school security, according to a monitoring group.

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No One Wants to Leave Overcrowded Brooklyn School

As the day draws to a close at Public School 321, the school that launched a thousand strollers toward Park Slope, Brooklyn, the grown-ups begin to assemble outside. Bus drivers pull their long yellow ferries up out front. Parents and caretakers hover near doorways and perch on benches.

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Baltimore County School Veteran to Head New Safety Office

When Baltimore County schools Superintendent Dallas Dance announced plans this fall to create a school safety office in the aftermath of several gun incidents, some in the community assumed he would pick someone with a badge to lead the new department.

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Hurricane Sandy Closes Thousands of Schools

Thousands of schools along the Eastern Seaboard are closed Monday as Hurricane Sandy is expected to make landfall, attacking the coast with forceful winds, rain and possible snow. The closures are affecting some of the country's most populous school districts. New York City Schools—the nation's largest system—has canceled classes Monday as schools are repurposed as relief shelters, opening their doors to those in need. All of the city's charter schools are also closed.

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Time to Prioritize from Duval (Fla.) 'Kitchen Table' Education Talks

After spending a year facilitating roughly 160 conversations on how to improve public education in Duval County, the Jacksonville Public Education Fund is now asking the community to prioritize the themes that emerged from those talks.

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Advocates: Early Education Key to Reducing Crime

The key to eradicating crime and violent behavior, say organizers with the nonprofit Fight Crime: Invest in Kids Pennsylvania, is to invest more resources in early care and child education.

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Education a High Priority in Jackson County, Miss.

Education in Jackson County -- from pre-kindergarten to the college level -- is a priority for local business, education, and nonprofit leaders, they said Thursday during a Mississippi Press business roundtable discussion.

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Teachers College Community School Finds Collaborative Success

Popularity in School Leads to Higher Paychecks Later, Study Says

Those considered popular in secondary school earned 2% more decades later than oddballs such as Napoleon Dynamite – a so-called popularity premium. So says a new analysis of data from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study, which follows more than 10,000 people who graduated from the blackboard jungle in Wisconsin in 1957.

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Discovery Education and 3M Announce 2012 Science Competition Winner

Discovery Education and 3M have named 14-year-old Deepika Kurup from Nashua, N.H., winner of the 2012 Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge for her innovative, cost effective, and sustainable water-purification system.

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