Beyond Resolving Bullying Incidents

Districts may be liable if they do not deter ongoing student harassment.

Calif. High School Counseling Reforms Inch Forward

Lack of district leadership continues to impede progress on bringing high school guidance programs to 'comparability.'

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Schools Consider Ways to Deal with Mental Health Disorders

Educators across the state and the country are rethinking, after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, how best to reach the increasing number of children who are struggling with emotional or psychological needs.

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Prevention First: A Physician's Prescription for Safer Schools

These days, it seems like our leaders in Washington have trouble finding common ground.

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Chicago High School Uses Pets for Student Stress Relief

The four-legged member of the counseling team at the high school in suburban Chicago waits patiently, as a crush of students fills the hallways. Junie began her role as a therapy dog at Prospect High School less than four months ago. It's just one of a number of ways high schools across the country are trying to address what some call an epidemic of stressed-out, overwhelmed students.

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Training for Tragedy

Critical challenges for school psychologists.

School Counselors Underutilized, Survey Says

Counseling, More Than Armed Officers, Makes Our Schools Safer After Shootings

Now that some time has passed since the school massacre in Newtown, Conn., perhaps it is time to reflect on what actions our schools might look forward to in 2013 and beyond.

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A Son’s Fears and a Father’s Response

Starting to feel safe again after the Sandy Hook tragedy.

Texting Tornado-Afflicted Students