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Court Sets Hearing in MIssissippi School Case

The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals will hear oral arguments Jan. 18 in New Orleans in a lawsuit that claims a 9-year-old girl was checked out of a south Mississippi school six times by an unauthorized man who then raped her.

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DeKalb Schools Up for Grand Jury Investigation

We may finally get some answers as to what's been going on inside the DeKalb County School System over the years.

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Toughest Bullying Law in the Country to Take Effect This Fall

New Jersey's tough bullying law with require schools to develop safety teams, investigate complaints and set a deadline for resolving issues.

To Download or Not to Download? A New Video Explores Copyright Laws

The Software and Information Industry Association has released Don't Copy That 2, which includes a rap video and classroom resources to discuss online copyright infringement, piracy and how to become a responsible digital citizen.

Special Report: The State of Security: Keeping Schools Safe During Tight Budget Times

School leaders cannot justify doing school safety on the cheap.

Columbine’s 10th Anniversary finds Lessons Learned

Substantial strides have been made in school security, but glaring gaps remain.