crisis response

Protecting Data in the Eye of a Storm

East Coast schools secure district information through Hurricane Sandy.

More TB Testing Planned at East Georgia School

Health officials say students at Butler High School in east Georgia will continue to be tested for tuberculosis after the holidays as a precaution. Tammy Burdeaux, a nursing and clinical director with the East Central Health District, says officials will re-examine students who returned negative skin tests for tuberculosis bacteria during the initial rounds of testing.

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Neb. Officials Avoid Charges in Failure to Report Sex Abuse

Three western Nebraska school officials accused of failing to report allegations that high school wrestlers sexually assaulted a young teammate at a summer wrestling camp will not face charges, an attorney for two of the officials said Friday.

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Florida Tragedies Highlight Training Need

The accidental deaths of two special needs students from Hillsborough County Public Schools in Tampa, Fla. this year are shedding light on the need for comprehensive, mandatory emergency preparedness training for paraeducators. In October, 11-year-old Jennifer Caballero, a middle school student with Down syndrome, was found hiding under the bleachers during gym class by a coach, who two weeks earlier had complained to the assistant principal that the exceptional student education (ESE) aides were inattentive. The coach brought her to the aides, and asked them to keep an eye on her.

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An Ounce of Prevention

Project 2020 Turns High School Dropouts into Graduates

Atlanta Elementary School Did Not Have Carbon Monoxide Detectors

By the time the school bell rang at Finch Elementary School, the building in southwest Atlanta had carbon monoxide levels few firefighters had ever seen.

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Parents Outraged Over Elementary School Isolation Booth

A Washington state community is wracked with controversy after a Longview mother posted photos to Facebook of an "isolation booth" for young students at a local elementary school. Ana Bate, who posted the photos, says the images were taken at Longview's Mint Valley Elementary School. They depict a free-standing padded room that has two peepholes, air holes in the ceiling for ventilation and a metal bar that locks the door from the outside. The photos have gone viral and ignited a storm of criticism.

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Illinois Schools Step Up Concussion Care

Aaron Engel usually only needs to look in a player’s eyes.

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Reopened Brooklyn, N.Y. Schools Help Those Destroyed After Hurricane Sandy

As P.S. 84 returned from a week without classes Monday, the Grand Street school's principal Sereida Rodriguez-Guerra combed through a list of socks, baby food, warm coats and school supplies that a Rockaway Beach school needs while recovering from Hurricane Sandy.

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Hurricane Sandy Aftermath: Some N.J. Schools Reopen with No Heat, No Lunch

In Union Beach, school officials are working to find temporary classrooms for 720 students after the small town's single school was flooded by Hurricane Sandy,

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