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After Middle School Gun Incident, Baltimore Officials Promise New Safety Measures

Police cars lined up along with school buses in front of Stemmers Run Middle School (Baltimore) on Wednesday morning, a day after an eighth-grader brought a loaded gun to the school. It was the second gun-related incident in Baltimore County schools in recent weeks

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New Jersey Schools Turn Attention to Teacher Evaluation

School districts across New Jersey have to figure out how they are going to evaluate their teachers — and fast. ... under a state law signed last month to make tenure harder to get and easier to lose for educators, districts need to find answers by the 2013-14 school year.

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How Maine Is Reforming Education Through Collaboration

Maine Education Commissioner Stephen Bowen merits praise for inclusively and thoroughly developing the state’s application for flexibility from certain elements of the federal No Child Left Behind Act.

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N.J. Salary Caps Cause Superintendents to Flee

Five Questions for Michelle Rhee

Michelle A. Rhee, the former schools chancellor in Washington, D.C., is now pushing education reform through her organization Students First— and continuing to annoy the teachers’ unions along the way.

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Who Might Be Romney’s Education Secretary?

So who might Mitt Romney pick as his education secretary should he win the November presidential election?

Here’s a list of some of the probable candidates, based on the people that Romney chose to be on his Education Policy Advisory Group, or that his campaign has used as “surrogates” to speak on education, or that are beloved by Republicans as important education reformers. In the latter category would be people such as Michelle Rhee and former Florida governor Jeb Bush and even Joel Klein.

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"Won't Back Down" Highlights Democratic Split Over Education Reform

The most controversial thing to happen at the Democratic National Convention this week may end up being a movie screening. On Monday afternoon, a Hollywood film called "Won't Back Down" -- which opens in theaters nationwide on Sept. 28 -- will be shown to a select crowd of convention-goers in Charlotte, N.C., just as it was one week prior at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla.

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Chicago: School Strikes Around the Corner?

A new year began Tuesday for Chicago Public Schools students, but it could be interrupted after just four days if a possible teacher strike goes ahead.

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Education Is on the Obama Agenda

The Democratic Party released its 2012 platform late Monday night, and, like the administration’s policy over the past four years, it focuses on higher education through two prisms: federal financial aid and the need to increase the proportion of Americans with college degrees.

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Resistance to High Stakes Testing Spreads

A national resolution to limit standardized testing is gathering support.