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A complete digital literacy curriculum for K8, EasyTech features self-paced lessons and games to practice skills, and quizzes to check for understanding. EasyTech provides detailed instruction in keyboarding, mouse basics, word processing and other core technology skills. It’s also tablet-ready and available on iPad and Android tablet devices.

Pa. publishes school report card, including online and vo-tech schools

The state Department of Education has released the Pennsylvania School Performance Profile, with information on each individual public school, including charter, cyber-charter, and vocational-technical schools.

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Summer school: NYU teaches high school girls security tech

For the past 10 years, New York University's Polytechnic Institute has run a competition called Cyber Security Awareness Week (CSAW). Students compete to find flaws in various websites' security measures, and exploit them to gain access to the sensitive information stored within. The National Security Agency and other government agencies have been known to recruit talent from among the competitors.

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The impact of digital tools on student writing and how writing is taught

A survey of teachers who instruct American middle and high school students finds that digital technologies are impacting student writing in myriad ways and there are significant advantages from tech-based learning.

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MAKE magazine hosts a virtual summer camp for making things

MAKE magazine is hosting Maker Camp from July 8th to August 16th—a virtual camp that features projects students can do individually or together, whether they are at home or school.

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Student leads Pennsylvania school board into video age

A student convinced Blackhawk School Board members to videotape their meetings and post the video to the school’s website. Matt Young, a junior who made a presentation, told the board videos will increase public access and awareness.

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Big District Wi-Fi Technology for Small and Medium-Sized Districts

Even small districts with limited budgets and staff can be high tech with the latest Wi-Fi technology

Transitions to Digital Media

Are school libraries on the way out?

Pa. Superintendent Questions Cyber School Funding

Districts have to pay a tuition cost for each student who attends a cyber-school, and the school district currently has $1.2 million budgeted for that sole purpose.

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Longwood Central School District prepares students for global economy

New York district using resources to teach and assess digital literacy