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Enabling digital citizenship programs within your district’s network infrastructure

A District Administration Web Seminar Digest • Originally Presented on August 14, 2012

The Yoking of Virtual Schools and Market-Based Reforms

This is the third part of a four-part series about virtual schools and Open Education policy. The first post argued that if we are going to have virtual schools, states should give preference to virtual schools that make a commitment to Open Education policy and to sharing their curricula and other innovations with the world.

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Fremont (Ohio) School District Gets a Learning Grant

Fremont City Schools have been awarded an $850,000 21st Century grant for afterschool and summer educational activities, district superintendent Traci McCaudy said at Monday's school board meeting. The grant targets Fremont Middle School students and will focus on raising math and reading skills beginning this school year, McCaudy said.

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Keeping Pace with Technology Innovation

Staying apace of rapidly evolving technologies and the innovative practices they enable remains a major challenge for school and district leaders concerned with keeping students on the upside of an expanding digital divide. As digital innovations emerge that require continuous upgrading of technological infrastructure, hardware and software, as well as training school personnel, district administrators are being called on to be more creative and strategic than ever.

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An Alabama District Provides Digital Learning for All

The Huntsville City Schools board of education unanimously approved Superintendent Casey Wardynski's bold plan to move the entire school district to digital learning. The effort is set to launch for the 2012-2013 school year in partnership with Pearson and Edvation.

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Full Power on the Internet Highway

ePals Launches New Way for Kids to Access Ed Content

ePals Corporation, an education media company and the worlds leading safe social learning network, today announced the release of new interactive magazine apps from its childrens media division, offering kids an exciting new way to interact with content from award-winning, teacher- and parent-recommended Cobblestone & Cricket magazines.

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Schools, Teachers Preparing Students for a Digital World

Twenty years ago teachers could confidently say that if they taught students the curriculum they would be ready for life after high school. ... Today, in addition to math, English and science, schools are including technology in the subject matter, as both a tool to learn and a tool to be learned.

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Follett Helps Districts, Schools Navigate eReader Highway

Follett has sponsored a new website,, a timely and robust resource to help educators and districts navigate the eReader highway and answer the critical question, “Which Comes First ... Content or Device?”

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Three Essential Shifts in Learning

An eighth-grader teaches a course on 21st-century schools.