Montana schools step in after anti-bullying bills fail in legislature

Montana is the only state in the nation without laws against bullying and cyberbullying, according the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. But even with the nationwide push against bullying in recent years, it's not clear whether such laws actually work.

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5 Effective Steps to Solving the Bullying Epidemic—and the Tools to Get You There

Real-time incident reporting tools can provide an opportunity for early intervention for bullied or suicidal students

Beyond Resolving Bullying Incidents

Districts may be liable if they do not deter ongoing student harassment.

Tennessee school system cuts down on illegal activity with texting program

Blount County School District uses TipSoft for Education to collect incident reports from students

Ohio District Enacts New Cyber-Bullying Policies

Two policy changes are being enacted in the Solon schools that will affect the way the district handles electronic bullying.

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11 Texas School Districts Spent $140M on Discipline

A survey of 11 public school districts, which serve a quarter of Texas children, found that officials spend $227 million a year on disciplinary programs and school security, according to a monitoring group.

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Enabling Districtwide Digital Citizenship Programs

Digital citizenship programs, focusing on safe and appropriate use of technology by students, have never been more important. In this web seminar, Mike Ribble, a consultant and author of Digital Citizenship in Schools, discussed the nine elements of digital citizenship; and Greg French, CIO of Woodford (Ky.) Schools, outlined the district's implementation. They were joined by Enterasys Director of Education Jonathan Kidwell and Director of Vertical Solutions Robert Nilsson.

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Enabling digital citizenship programs within your district’s network infrastructure

A District Administration Web Seminar Digest • Originally Presented on August 14, 2012

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Bullying: It’s a Very Big Deal

Counselors should always be vigilant in addressing the reality of bullying.