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How big data and mobile technology startups are changing education

There's been a notable increase in startup accelerators aimed at incubating educational tech companies. The reason: There's a realization that technology can dramatically affect educational outcomes.

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State of the portal: A 2013 review of the 50 states’ online offerings

State government internet portals first appeared in the mid-1990s. Like state capitol buildings, state portals share with their historical predecessors the intent to maintain an outpost for doing the public’s business, with the added benefit of collapsing geographical barriers and making government available at the time and place of the citizen’s choosing. This compendium provides a 50-state view of how far states have come in realizing those aspirations.

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More technology success results needed

Digital technology is a good thing when it comes to motivating today’s students. But it also raises many challenges, the biggest of which involve effectiveness and equality. State, district, and even classroom leaders would serve students, their families, and taxpayers well by creating and sharing policies that thoroughly address technology's effect on these areas.

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DOE praised for data collection model

The DOE is being praised by both the Government Accountability Office and the Office of Management and Budget for its work in creating an inventory of all its data collections.

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Big data helps guide Colorado's public schools

The future of education is personalization. But how is that going to happen? Data.

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Forum Guide to the Teacher-Student Data Link: A Technical Implementation Resource

This publication is a practical resource for implementing a teacher-student data link that supports a range of uses at the local, regional, and state levels. The guide addresses the considerations for linking teacher and student data from multiple perspectives, including governance, policies, data components, business rules, system requirements, and practices.

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Boston denies request for teacher ratings

The Boston School Department has refused to release overall ratings of teacher performance at individual schools, denying families access to potentially powerful information that could shed new light on the quality of instruction.

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DoE releases school-level leading indicator data

For the first time, the U.S. Department of Education has released data on the leading indicators of improvement for SIG recipients, including: student attendance, teacher attendance, advanced course-taking, and more.

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Superintendent Kelvin Adams turns around St. Louis schools

Superintendent has used data to restore credibility to district taken over by state