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Think Tank Clashes with Nev. District Over Tax Proposal to Fix Schools

For months, the Nevada Policy Research Institute has publicly questioned the Clark County School District's ballot initiative to raise property taxes for school renovations.

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Oklahoma Superintendents Reject A through F Grading System

In a strong show of support for public schools statewide, more than 80 school superintendents came together in Oklahoma City to protest Oklahoma’s new A through F grading system designed to hold schools accountable for education.

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Iowa Schools to Track Bullying on Database

Iowa public schools have a new tool to report and track bullying incidents in detail as they happen throughout the year.

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Avoid Pitfalls of Predictive Analysis

See the Future, Change the Present

Predictive analysis can support quick change and raise student high school graduation and college completion rates.

Using data to predict and improve student outcomes

California district uses the Measured Progress DATAWISE platform to link district and state assessments, help teachers target interventions
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How Smarter Data Can Save U.S. Education

Collecting data on individual students over time may give educators the insight they need to fix America's schools.

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Education Stakeholders Need Shared Access to Data

Longitudinal data is improving nationwide, but states must also help stakeholders access this data to inform decisions and improve student achievement.

New Study Finds Inequities in State Education Funding Formulas

New state-by-state school finance formula database may offer solutions to fractured systems.

Reports Offer Some Answers