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A fully integrated student information system enables maximum efficiency

Follett’s Aspen™ meets complex data needs at Bethlehem Central Schools


This web-based application allows K12 schools and districts to track student behavior data, including tardiness, detentions, and even positive behavior in the classroom. The data can be inputted into student information systems, which teachers can later analyze and report to parents.

How big data and mobile technology startups are changing education

There's been a notable increase in startup accelerators aimed at incubating educational tech companies. The reason: There's a realization that technology can dramatically affect educational outcomes.

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More technology success results needed

Digital technology is a good thing when it comes to motivating today’s students. But it also raises many challenges, the biggest of which involve effectiveness and equality. State, district, and even classroom leaders would serve students, their families, and taxpayers well by creating and sharing policies that thoroughly address technology's effect on these areas.

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Guesses and hype give way to data in study of education

What works in science and math education? Until recently, there had been few solid answers—just guesses and hunches, marketing hype, and extrapolations from small pilot studies. But now, a little-known office in the DOE is starting to get some real data, using the randomized clinical trial method, in which groups of subjects are randomly assigned to get either an experimental therapy, the standard therapy, a placebo, or nothing.

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DOE praised for data collection model

The DOE is being praised by both the Government Accountability Office and the Office of Management and Budget for its work in creating an inventory of all its data collections.

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A start-up brings high-tech sports analytics to school teams

Computer engineer Vasu Kulkarni, a lifelong basketball fanatic, had no luck getting his dream job with Nike or the NBA after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 2008. But he knew he wanted to stay "connected to the game of basketball." He found that connection in 2009, when he launched Krossover, a company that brings high-tech sports analytics to high school and college athletics.

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Midland Park (N.J.) school board hires tech expert

The Midland Park (N.J.) schools Board of Education named Eurico Antunes to the district’s new position of technology and data coordinator. According to schools Superintendent Dr. Marie C. Cirasella, the position was created to meet the increasing demands the state has put on school districts for data reporting.

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Fostering a data-rich culture

Districts and decision makers recognize the importance of leveraging educational data to make informed decisions that support student academic success. District leaders know that the benefits of gathering educational data are wide ranging—from helping to track student improvement to monitoring specific yearly financial expenditures.

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Closing the Gap: Using Student Data to Improve Teaching

In collaboration with AASA, The School Superintendents Association and the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN), Gartner, Inc., has released a series of district case studies and videos that demonstrate best practices for school districts seeking to improve student achievement through data use.

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