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Students create astronaut gear in NASA program

Astronaut gear made by high school students in a NASA program will be sent up to the International Space Station in June. It will be the first student project to be sent to the station during the program’s 10 years of operation.

How schools are managing the move to mobile

The rise of 1-to-1 programs has pushed a surge of mobile devices into schools, creating a whole new logistical challenge for district CIOs. These technology managers are wise to deploy a mobile device management system to keep track of both the hardware and the data.

Schools embrace project-based learning 2.0

A bank in Albuquerque, N.M., had a limited budget to make one of its branches more environmentally sustainable, so students at the local Architecture, Construction, and Engineering Leadership High School rolled up their sleeves and went to work. They searched websites for green design options, consulted with an engineer, and used spreadsheets to compare potential costs and energy savings.

Report: Administrators–not IT staff–lead app adoption

Principals, superintendents, and district CIOs are increasingly becoming the decision-makers for purchasing school apps. Respondents to the 2013 National Survey on Mobile Technology for K-12 Education said 51 percent of principals were likely to lead the charge to buy apps, compared to 39 percent in 2012. The percentage of superintendents making the decisions rose to 26 percent this year from 10 percent in 2012.

YouTube in the classroom: A new necessity?

Districts are dropping bans on YouTube and allowing students and teachers access to the site’s educational videos. The change is coming about as educators decide YouTube’s library of educational content allows them to teach more creatively.

How states are combating cyberbullying in and out of school

Eighteen states have made cyberbullying a crime, and every state except Montana has passed anti-bullying legislation. Most schools have developed policies in line with those laws as about half of young people report having been harassed online, according to the Cyberbullying Research Center.

Edublogs student blogging challenge offers great activities for kids

This semester Edublogs is once again hosting a student blogging challenge. It offers a series of blogging tasks designed to help students (and teachers) improve their blogging skills. Completing the tasks of the challenge will help students not only learn how to write better blog posts, but also how to be better online communicators in general.

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Career tech shifts into higher gear

When career tech students in 21 West Virginia districts returned to school this fall, they didn’t head to classrooms. They went to work. Through the state’s Simulated Workplace pilot program, high school students learn in classes that are restructured to feel like workplace environments. For instance, students will clock in upon arrival, take random drug tests, and be evaluated based on their “company’s” bottom line.

What CIOs look for today when hiring staff

The shift in CIO responsibilities has also trickled down to the rest of the tech team. No longer is it enough to be knowledgeable about computers. IT employees must have strong people skills as well.

CoSN survey reveals widespread need for increased bandwidth

This week, CoSN released its key preliminary findings from a nationwide survey about broadband and the E-rate. Nearly 450 K12 ed tech leaders representing 44 states participated in the survey and overwhelmingly agreed that the E-rate is in dire need of reform.

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