District CIO

Long Pham named chief information officer

Long Pham has been named chief information officer at Fort Bend Independent School District in Sugar Land. Pham previously served as director of information technology and services for the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

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Cotter schools receive $50K grant from Verizon

Several teachers in the Cotter (Ark.) Public School District spent a week learning how to better integrate technology in their classrooms, thanks to a $50,000 grant from the Verizon Innovative Learning Schools program.

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New school technology is a challenge we must address

The issue of where public school systems should be going with education technology is a hot topic these days. While the outcome for school systems is hard to predict, there are real-world lessons for school officials and public education funding bodies.

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New technology will track Florida district students who take buses

Orange County, Fla., school students have new safety measures protecting them. A device will track every child boarding a bus by having them swipe their school-issued ID card.

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Best laptops for kids: Back to school tech guide 2013

Mothers who write the Cool Mom Tech blog have lots of experience picking out laptops for their kids. Here, they blog about the best laptops to consider for your student.

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Indiana brings project-based learning to Lowell Middle School

Indiana's Tri-Creek Schools has adopted the project-based learning approach developed by the nonprofit New Tech Network to educate students using a rigorous, hands-on curricula and computers. Seventh-graders at Lowell Middle School will be the first group in the district to be immersed in the new culture.

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Buncombe County schools start new year with BYOD

Schools in the Buncombe County district in Asheville, N.C., rolled out its bring your own device program this week as some 26,000 students headed back to school. The program encourages students and teachers to bring in their cell phones, laptops, tablets, and other devices for use in the classroom.

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Teaching goes high-tech to boost achievement in R.I. schools

Laptops, tablets, and wireless classrooms. Virtual lessons and virtual teacher training. Ed chat and Google apps. Rhode Island schools are finally jumping on the digital bandwagon.

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Technology varies in elementary schools

U.S. elementary schools vary wildly in their use of technology. Some public and private schools have the funding and training to deliver individual devices to every student. But more often than not, computers are sparse and shared between students in special lab classrooms.

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Flexbooks help Georgia district keep up with math mandates

A new flexbooks program will be implemented this fall in math classrooms across a suburban Atlanta school district to keep up with changing state requirements and reduce textbook costs.