District CIO

iPads benefit learning across all subjects

Visit the classrooms of Burlington High School in the Burlington (Mass.) Public School District and you’ll see the school’s two-year-old 1-to-1 iPad initiative in action. Students' efforts range from taking notes in Evernote to translating first-aid terms for a Spanish lesson to rehearsing with the Garage Band app in music class.

Pilot program introduces female students to technology

A new pilot program aims to address the lack of women in technology fields by starting early. The AspireIT program, from the nonprofit National Center for Women & Information Technology, pairs female high school and college students with K12 education organizations, such as ISTE and The College Board, to run computing outreach programs for middle school girls.

FCC aims to expand broadband access in schools

Districts may have more affordable access to broadband internet service as early as fall 2014, thanks to an FCC proposal to reform the federal E-rate program that connects schools and public libraries to the internet.

Greenwich, Conn. schools hire CIO

Greenwich (Conn.) Public Schools has hired Philip Dunn as CIO. Dunn is the former CIO of Stamford (Conn.) Public Schools.

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A "First Look" at characteristics of public school districts

The National Center for Educational Statistics has released four reports analyzing schools, principals, teachers, and media centers. The data, which cover graduation requirements, school staffing, principal and teacher compensation, and more, comes from the center's 2011-2012 staffing survey.

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Shelton, Conn. authorizes a BYOD policy

The Shelton Board of Education is working to enact a BYOD policy for the schools to allow students to use their personal devices for educational purposes. While on campus, only the internet gateway provided by the school would be allowed to be accessed, and both students and a parent or guardian would have to sign an agreement form.

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Ex-school tech director spied on colleagues, police say

An arrest warrant has been issued for Thomas Drago, who was under investigation earlier this year for allegedly spying on his co-workers' computers. The Easton (Pa.) Area School District's former technology director is facing wiretapping charges.

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California valley district launches Chromebook pilot

Students in the Washington Unified School District (West Sacramento, Calif.) can expect to see shiny new Chromebooks in their classrooms when they begin the new school year. The district's schools spent $150,000 to pilot 450 Chromebooks this year to help prepare students for the Common Core State Standards.

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High-school tech interns learn and earn

Interns at Reynoldsburg (Ohio) high school are starting with the basics—reprogramming computers and connecting laptops to a network. But by the end of the yearlong internship program, the students will have a deep enough understanding of a particular area within IT that they can earn a professional certification.

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More schools use cell phones as learning tools

Security and educational uses are giving school administrators new reasons to allow cell phones at school, with teachers even incorporating phones into their curricula. With mobile apps and the internet at their fingertips, teachers and students are now using phones as clickers to answer questions, and providing teachers with feedback on student progress.

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