District CIO

Missouri high school switches textbooks for iPad minis

Battle High School (Columbia, Mo.) staff ordered about 1,100 iPad Minis for incoming students to use instead of textbooks. District officials touted the savings of the technology over the cost of textbooks as one of the benefits of the move to digital.

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Laguna Beach, Calif. district hires CIO

Laguna Beach Unified School District (Calif.) board members unanimously approved Sean Colt as the district's new chief technology officer. Colt currently is the director of technology at Belmont-Redwood (Calif.) Shores School District, where he manages all of the district's information technology, including computer maintenance, internet access and computer hardware and software purchases.

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The rise of blended learning

For months, Stanton Elementary School (Washington, D.C.) teachers and administrators searched books, webinars, conferences, news articles, and anything else they could find for ideas about how to get students more engaged in the classroom. They kept running across the same mysterious two words: blended learning.

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Low-cost digital textbooks for high schools coming this fall

Teachers in over 900 schools nationwide will begin using one dollar e-textbooks this fall. The “Voces” e-textbooks, published by Teacher’s Discovery, an educational materials firm based in Michigan, gives teachers and students full access at home and at school through computers, iPads, and smartphones.

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Free tablets for all at Utah ‘Smart Schools’

Five Utah schools will share more than $2 million in funding to boost the use of technology in their classrooms this fall. The funding will go toward a tablet for each student, Wi-Fi, and classroom computers.

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Kansas City (Mo.) schools announce laptop rollout

In August, the Kansas City (Mo.) Public School District will start phasing in a 1:1 program that provides either a laptop or tablet computer, loaded with educational software and valued at $400 per student per year, to all 17,000 students.

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Classes begin at N.C. county’s first year-round tech school

Monday, July 22, just a month after being let out of school for the summer, nearly 500 children began attending Northwoods Year-Round School of Technology and Innovation. The Jacksonville, N.C. elementary school is Onslow County’s first year-round, technology-focused school.

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Idaho's $3M pilot to support study of tech-related educational success

For the next two years, many educators in Idaho will spend time evaluating the utility of new devices, websites serial comma and applications in their school districts, thanks to a $3 million pilot technology program involving 11 schools across the state.

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Apps for digital note-taking

Years before Steve Jobs introduced the iPad to the world, tablet computers made regular appearances in science fiction shows. Fans of “Star Trek” will remember ensigns tapping on digital tablets or asking an officer to scribble a signature on one. Lots of those fictional machines had one thing in common: they worked with some sort of stylus and were digital equivalents of a traditional notepad.

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ISTE Buzz: STEM video games, cloud collaboration and online PD

Rapidly changing K12 classroom technology that is helping prepare students for college and the modern workforce was on display at this June’s ISTE conference in San Antonio, Texas. The exposition floor buzzed with 4,500 industry representatives and more than 500 exhibitors showcasing revolutionary products such as interactive tables, Common Core-aligned adaptive educational computer games, and data-driven instructional programs.