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Miami-Dade to ensure every student has digital device by 2015

Each of Miami-Dade’s 350,000 public school students will have access to a digital device by 2015, according to a plan approved by the Miami-Dade School Board. Board members unanimously endorsed the proposal by Superintendent Alberto Carvalho to lease more than 100,000 devices, which will be paid off over a period of up to six years.

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McGraw-Hill Education showcases digital Common Core and personalized learning programs at ISTE conference

For the first time at the International Society of Technology in Education's (ISTE) annual conference, McGraw-Hill Education is presenting its latest digital solutions that address two of the most important issues and trends in K12 education: the Common Core State Standards and the rise of personalized teaching and learning through technology.

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Broward County (Fla.) schools face major technology crisis

Broward schools are falling behind when it comes to technology and there's not much they can do about it. The School Board's capital budget pays for technology, transportation, and large construction projects. But with only $35 million to fix a growing number of deteriorating schools, replace an aging bus fleet, and secure school campuses, there's not much left for computer upgrades.

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Summer teacher institute focuses on benefits of technology

More than 1,600 teachers have signed up for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg (N.C.) Schools summer teacher institute, which runs through June 28. Speakers include national technology innovators Rushton Hurley, a former teacher who has created a free library of educational videos, and Travis Allen, a college student who created the nonprofit iSchool Initiative to help teachers become digital learners.

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Freetown-Lakeville (Mass.) tech upgrades to be completed this summer

All three phases of the $903,000 technology upgrade to the Freetown-Lakeville (Mass.) Regional School District, which will make Wi-Fi accessible districtwide, will be completed by the end of summer, according to Craig Machamer, the IMS specialist for Freetown and Lakeville schools.

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Common Sense Media launches reviews site for teachers

To help teachers navigate the exploding world of ed tech apps and games, the nonprofit Common Sense Media is rolling out a ‘Consumer Reports’-like reviews site.

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Utah Technology Council touts STEM education

The long-term future of the state’s economy will hinge on Utah’s ability to develop and educate the next generation of skilled information technology professionals that will fill the growing number of high-tech jobs being produced in the Beehive State. That's the message from the head of the state’s largest trade organization for the technology industry sector.

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Are school technology investments paying off?

Schools are not getting their money's worth from technology, according to a new report by the Center for American Progress. While computers and internet access are common in the classroom, students are often using this technology for simple foundational exercises, rather than for higher-order data analysis or statistics work that will help prepare them for the modern workforce. This issue is most prevalent in schools with primarily low-income students, further widening the digital divide.

Recommendations for effective online staff development presentations

It may seem expensive to budget to do online in-service education well, but it costs more in the long-run to do it poorly, and even more to skip it altogether. So whether you do professional development in-house, or hire outside consultants, the following are key elements for success.

New Jersey tech specialists come together for professional development

At this year’s “Weathering the Storm with Optimism” conference of New Jersey school administrators, Paul Pineiro, assistant superintendent of curriculum, instruction, and program for the Westfield Public Schools presented an overview of the “Walls to Windows” initiative and discussed the professional development roles of the district's two master technology teachers.

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