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Florida district scanned children's eyes without permission

Parents in the Polk County (Fla.) district received a letter stating a pilot program would track bus riders using each child’s iris. Parents could opt out, but by the time they learned about the program, the company charged with gathering the information had already captured images of about 750 children’s eyes.

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Tech, education leaders talk STEM challenges

National education and tech leaders lauded the Obama administration’s efforts to open the science, technology, engineering and math fields to more students, but said the resource challenges in underfunded schools remain a major hurdle.

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Panelists address school technology in Tennessee

Sumner County (Tenn.) business leaders and school officials met at Volunteer State Community College to address the state of technology and ways to handle areas of need at a panel discussion hosted by COMPASS and the Hendersonville Young Professional Council.

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Robots, apps support special ed students

A human-like robot that can mimic emotions and play interactive games can help students with autism develop social skills. Aldebaran Robotics’ “ASK NAO” robot, which is about two feet tall, mimics an emotion with gestures and sounds, and waits for children to recognize the emotion.

Niagra Falls school board talks technology

A recent school board meeting for the Niagra Falls School District focused on what board members and the general public can expect technology-wise from the district's "Inventing Tomorrow" capital improvement project, which will start this summer.

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Study gauges value of technology in schools

In reviewing student survey data conducted along with National Assessment of Educational Progress exams, the nonprofit Center for American Progress found that middle school math students used computers for basic drills and practice rather than to develop sophisticated skills, and that no state was collecting data to evaluate whether technology investments were improving student achievement.

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3D printers, remote labs, and augmented reality on the horizon for ed tech

Open content, electronic textbooks, personalized learning, cloud technology, and learning analytics are emerging technologies that K12 administrators will integrate into schools over the next few years, according to the New Media Consortium’s Horizon Report on tech trends.

Digital signs are boosting school communication

Schools are using digital signs more widely to convey information to students, faculty, and visitors. From emergency alerts and interactive event schedules to serving as backdrops for marching bands, digital signs are making communication more attractive and efficient.

Arkansas district increases technology department staff

The demand for technology in education prompted the Pea Ridge district school board (Benton County, Ark.) to create a third position in technology, agreeing to hire another technology specialist.

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Greater Lowell (Mass.) Technical H.S. committee seeks superintendent

After going through 31 votes that each ended in a 4-4 tie, the Greater Lowell (Mass.) Technical High School Committee opted to immediately look for an interim superintendent who could serve for an initial period of three months.

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