District CIO

Questions to ask cloud vendors

With so many cloud options, district CIOs should push vendors for details about their security and privacy services. “With the cloud, you have to ask big questions,” says Taiye Lambo, founder of CloudeAssurance. He suggests that CIOs assess three major security areas: confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Approved Oregon district budget includes technology teacher cuts

Next year, Sherwood, Ore. students will spend three fewer days in class, pay more for high school sports, and no longer have specialists teaching technology in elementary school labs. It's all the result of $1.72 million in spending cuts approved by a district budget committee.

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Student leads Pennsylvania school board into video age

A student convinced Blackhawk School Board members to videotape their meetings and post the video to the school’s website. Matt Young, a junior who made a presentation, told the board videos will increase public access and awareness.

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Does the school library have a future in the digital age?

The concept of a school library in a digital age is challenging. With the capacity to download books onto a range of digital devices, there is every possibility the library could look superfluous to youngsters growing up today. Why would you want to visit a room which is essentially about storage and distribution?

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Schools accelerate shift to digital

Districts are trading print for digital textbooks, with 22 states making significant digital content policy changes in recent years, and experts are urging others to go all digital within the next 5 to 7 years.

Get ready for NextGen science

Educators have devised Next Generation Science Standards that will radically change the way science is taught in classrooms. A key to fulfilling the promise of NGSS will be training teachers to adapt.

Cloud technology forecast: Sunshine with a chance of showers

District CIOs are under increased pressure to cut costs and keep up with the latest technological trends, and implementing cloud technology is an easy fix. Like any new technology, the move toward the cloud carries risks.

Maryland district partners with local internet provider

Frederick County students who rely on the strength of their wireless signal to help them connect to their school work will get a boost from a new collaboration among county schools, libraries, parks and internet provider Comcast.

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Chicago suburbs implement one-to-one

With constantly evolving technology, most school districts in Glenview, Northbrook, and other communities are in some stage of implementing a one-to-one initiative to provide each student with a technological device.

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Where robots fail: Why education can’t just be digital

Thanks to technology, we’re watching a revolution happen in education right now. From the explosion in popularity of language learning apps like Mindsnacks to the media furor about the rise of massive open online courses, companies are being built around the idea that technology can radically reshape our relationship with education.

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