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Maine democrats take steps against virtual charter schools

Democrats on the legislature's Education Committee voted Monday to advance three bills that would either change the certification requirements for taxpayer-financed virtual charter schools or delay their operation in Maine. They feel the state should not subsidize the for-profit entities.

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New Hampshire's largest district installing Wi-Fi

Manchester, New Hampshire's school technology director said that by the start of the next school year, students and staff should see a new Wi-Fi network in place at all campuses across the district, as well as an upgrade to the school library system.

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New tool simplifies online project management

Shared or distributed leadership is a concept familiar to education leaders, and now a new web tool, called Pipeline, and developed by a Carnegie Mellon University researcher, looks to make the process simpler and more effective.

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Federal grants should go to schools with a real plan

Over the past decade, the United States has spent upwards of $100 billion on K12 classroom technology to no discernible effect. The reason is clear: most education technology in use in K12 classrooms is not integrated into core instruction, and thus offers limited educational value.

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How to make technology experts out of teachers

While technology has revolutionized how people communicate and learn, federal and state governments insulate schools from the disruptions technology creates in other organizations. To overcome these obstacles, we must persuade teachers that technology will empower them and help their students learn. Here are five strategies for successful teacher adoption of education technology.

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Five ways to use Pinterest to teach creativity

Lisa Nelson of the Innovative Educator blog looked to her peers for ideas on how to use Pinterest as a creative tool and was surprised that she was unable to get any help. Then she discovered Pinterest guru NewYorkBob and the ideas began flowing. Here are her five favorites.

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Online videos offer more information on Common Core standards

The Common Core State Standards Initiative, which is managing the standards creation and feedback process, offers a wealth of information on its website to help district staff understand the process and get their questions answered.

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SIIA's CODiE award winners for the software industry

If you're looking for software for your school or district, the SIIA CODiE Award winners may be a good place to start. From the cloud to mobile to collaboration, this list gives district CIOs a place to start when preparing an RFP or doing a software application search.

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BYOD policies must recognize employees’ privacy rights

BYOD guidelines are just being defined, but one warning must rise above the din, this author says: never, ever, try to gain unauthorized access to an employee's private social networking site.

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George H.W. Bush Elementary School

Dallas Independent School District

Dallas, Texas

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