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Indiana Schools Suspend Online Testing Following Glitch

Multiple Indiana schools are suspending ISTEP+ testing for the day after students experienced problems with the testing website. “Kids are getting kicked out of their testing procedure, then when we try to get them back in, there are long waits,” says Brad Schuldt, superintendent of Culver Community Schools.

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Texas Students Headed to National Competition

The Graham (Texas) High School Technology Student Association Chapter was successful at the state competition in Waco earlier this month. Despite being in only its second year of competition, the chapter sent 45 students to represent Graham. Of those, 39 students placed in the top 10, with six qualifying for the national competition in Orlando, Fla., this summer. Graham also placed first in overall competition against 16 other 3A schools.

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Massachusetts Selectmen Question School's Funding

Technology Director Ryan McGee of the Mattapoisett (Mass.) schools estimates that the district's funding for technology needs over the next five years will cost at least $366,000. While selectmen were not opposed to most of the items included in McGee’s priority list, including computer labs and iPads, they did take issue with the source of the funding.

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Schools Are Buying into Technology Boom

A few weeks ago, Don Greenberg, CEO of eGenio Education Solutions in Cleveland, had lunch with a superintendent who used to forbid students from using their smartphones at school. But his attitude toward technology in the classroom has changed. In fact, his start-up is one of many northeast Ohio companies riding a wave of interest in education technology.

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Will Teachers Unions Kill Virtual Learning?

In 2012, education technology firms attracted $1.1 billion from venture capitalists, angel investors, corporations, and private equity—an order of magnitude more than the industry was pulling in 2002. But will the rush of cash translate into a radically transformed education landscape?

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Legislation to Enhance K12 Student Achievement

A new bill in the House of Representatives would allocate $750 million toward new equipment, teacher training, and competitive grants for K12 classrooms, all aimed at increasing education technology in U.S. schools to improve college enrollment rates.

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Education Demands an Upgrade

Technology has changed lives in a number of meaningful ways. Unfortunately, the U.S. education system is a decade late on entering the new century. It must catch up, and quickly, to ensure that all students—especially low-income students and students of color—graduate from high school ready for college and a career.

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Instructional Software Should Be Exercise, Not Physical Therapy

Digital content has been mispositioned as optional: as a tool for some of the students, some of the curriculum, some of the time. In this view, software serves a role of “cleaning-up” whatever gaps were left unfilled or incomplete after normal teaching.

Graphic Apps Help Districts Better Address Autism

Jordan Valley School in the Canyons School District in Sandy, Utah is using an iPad to show pictures and icons that help children on the autism spectrum to more easily manage their day so they will know what to expect. Pictures, for example, depict a toilet, handwashing in a sink, reading, and math, among other tasks.

Enhancing Visitor Management After Sandy Hook

In the months following the Sandy Hook massacre, schools nationwide have stepped up efforts to provide safe environments for teachers and students, and many have turned to high-tech solutions.