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Florida board approves use of social media by staff, students

The Flagler County School Board north of Daytona Beach, Fla., unanimously approved changes to the district’s technology policies, which now give students and employees a green light to use social networking sites, blogs, wikis, video-sharing, cloud services, and more.

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Uniontown, Pa., schools OK $100K spend on computers

The Uniontown Area School Board in western Pennsylvania agreed to purchase refurbished computers, projectors, and necessary cabling equipment from the construction fund at an estimated cost of $100,000. School board member William Ritternhouse said it was necessary for the district to buy the equipment because the installation of the new computer system is going much slower than anticipated.

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10 essential tips for meeting the tech needs of low-income schools

Educators who work in low-income schools know that technology could help them understand student needs better and create more engaging learning experiences. But tight budgets make some of the more ambitious schemes, like 1-to-1 computer access, a distant dream. Yet it's precisely the schools with under-served populations that have the most to gain from technology.

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High-tech teamwork rules at two S.C. high schools

Ninth-graders at Scott’s Branch High School in South Carolina began the challenge of designing a poetry cafe by doing something expected in the business world but not so much in the classroom. They signed a contract obligating team members to complete certain tasks and established the team’s process for agreeing on the project’s details, including decorations for the cafe and what food to serve.

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LearnLaunchX graduates ed tech companies at inaugural Demo Day

At LearnLaunchX, Boston's education technology accelerator, entrepreneurs pitched products and business plans to a group of more than 150 investors and education industry leaders. The products and plans were developed at LearnLaunchX's immersive, three-month program designed to grow education and learning companies.

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MasteryConnect launches online ed for kindergarteners

It’s not every day an entrepreneur gets to sit down and discuss his business plan over lunch with Bill Gates. But that’s exactly what happened to Mick Hewitt, co-founder and CEO of MasteryConnect, an education tech start-up that sees the implementation of Common Core standards as an unparalleled opportunity.

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Education tech start-ups: No longer the 'sleepy' crowd

A recent start-up event showcased something not everyone associates with business or technology: education. And all the start-ups presenting were aiming to do something truly innovative: make education beneficial to students and at the same time profitable to investors.

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27 topographic maps lessons

The USGS offers free topographic maps for most of the United States and provides 27 suggested topographic map lessons. Ideas include coordinates, scale, and map projections as well as less common things like the analysis of stereo aerial photographs.

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From 1 PC to 1 mobile device

Many of us began with a single desktop model when we first started using computers. Later, it was a natural development when we began using multiple devices to get the job done. It seems we are still stuck in one of those two plans. But recently, tablets have given us more reason to rethink, consider, and modify our use. Is it possible to use just one device to do everything again—but this time so much better?

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New technology gives parents view of school day

Digital parent engagement platforms, in the form of mobile applications or websites, are facilitating dialogues between parents and administrators and giving parents the chance to track their children’s progress without having to schedule a parent-teacher conference.