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Q&A with Education Technology Entrepreneur John Danner

Last week we brought you the announcement of John Danner stepping down as CEO of Rocketship Education. EdSurge's Kris Hattori followed up with the serial entrepreneur to squeeze out some more details on his next edtech idea.

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Ed Tech Nonprofit Launches with Gates, Carnegie Support

With some major names behind it as funders and advisors, the new nonprofit inBloom aims “to make personalized learning a reality for every U.S. student by improving the effectiveness, variety, and affordability of education technology.”

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The Biggest Education Technology Acquisitions of 2012

Last year saw 48 acquisitions in the edtech space, with the biggest buys understandably made by publishing juggernauts. GigaOM has a nice summary of these, which only account for a small slice of the 2,277 overall tech M&As tracked by CB Insights.

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L.A. Schools Need Technology, but How Should We Pay for It?

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles School Board got together to consider a Common Core Technology Project Plan. If approved, the plan would initially fund computing devices for 30,000 students at 47 schools for $50 million, beginning this year.

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Iowa Schools Seek $2 Million for Technology

A $2 million campaign will try to get 21st-century technology into every classroom in the Iowa City school district. The Iowa City Community School District Foundation, a private nonprofit that raises money for the district, launched the public phase of its “EveryClassroom” campaign on Tuesday.

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North Carolina House Panel Wants More Digital Technology in Schools

North Carolina lawmakers want to ensure students and teachers are prepared for a digital world. The House Education Committee approved three bills Tuesday related to school technology and Internet access.

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The E-book Revolution Is Bypassing U.S. Elementary Schools

The American education system should be benefiting enormously from the e-book revolution, but it isn't. Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the major children's literature and textbook publishers are screwing up.

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Alabama Students Get Access to E-readers, Digital Media

Students in Opelika City (Ala.) Schools are learning how to do things in new ways thanks to new technology. Now, they can take advantage of the newly placed emphasis on digital technology in education with more than 200 new Kindles and software that have been placed in the system’s intermediate, middle, and high schools.

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Tennessee Schools Make Technology Push

Tennessee is a long way from putting a laptop in the hands of every one of its nearly 1 million public school students, but it is embarking on a technology plan that might change the classroom as much as the Internet changed the workplace.

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Digital Inclusion: New Policies and Leadership Urgently Needed

There is a growing economic and educational imperative in the U.S. for new strategies, policies, and leadership to achieve a ubiquitous technology environment at school, at home and in the community.