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Student Assessments for 21st-Century Needs

A new assessment system for high school students providing multiple measures of college and career readiness launched this fall, helping students in career-themed public high schools understand what skills they need to enter the 21st-century workforce.

Online Learning Ambassadors Embrace Global Learning

Introducing new technology into schools can be difficult, due to time constraints and a lack of resources. But your school can find a new way to help teachers integrate technology into the classroom.

Windows 8 in Schools: A New Platform for Mobile Devices

The Windows 8 operating system, which splashed on the market in October 2012, is changing the landscape of Microsoft-based computers. The once traditional PC operating system is making the move toward a more mobile, tablet-based environment in schools.

Why Should K12 CIOs and Tech Directors be on Twitter?

Huffington Post blogger Vala Afshar (@valaafshar) recently published a piece called "The 50 Most Social CIOs on Twitter (and 20 Rising Stars)." I was honored and surprised to be included on the list as #9 and pleased to see K12 CIOS @JDSCIO and @bengrey on the list, as well.

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Ohio District Takes Technology to its Limit

Technology is so prevalent today, why not engage students in school with the same interactive devices and communication tools they love using? That’s the approach the Princeton City (Ohio) School District is taking to complement classroom instruction, and it is definitely working.

The Educational Tech Scam

Common Core proponents have relied on bafflement and obfuscation to shut down inquiry by the paying public into the very political process of putting the initiative into action -- a process monetarily supported by private education corporations.

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Louisiana Education Needs Fixing

Louisiana public education is plagued with problems. Students aren’t graduating from high school, students who can’t read are being asked to write book reports, teachers either don’t care or are underpaid—you get the picture.

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Philadelphia Digital Access Coordinator Appointed to School Reform Commission

Sylvia P. Simms, a community advocate and broadband adoption outreach coordinator for Comcast and the Urban Affairs Coalition, was appointed to the School Reform Commission (SRC), the Mayor announced yesterday. Simms will fill the vacancy left by SRC member Lorene Cary who, after a leave of absence due to health reasons, will not seek reappointment.

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Jen Baker Appointed Hunterdon County's (N.J.) Tech Coordinator

Jen Baker, a seasoned teacher at Frenchtown School (N.J.) for the last 10 years, has always embraced technology to enhance learning for her students and to make her classroom more engaging. She now can share her expertise and enthusiasm with a broader audience in her new role as Tech Coordinator for Hunterdon County Education Association.

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Britannica Digital Learning Developing New E-books for Schools

Britannica Digital Learning is developing over 300 new e-books aimed at young children. The majority of the new titles, which will be curriculum-aligned for K6 and below, will encompass science, social studies, language arts, and math. The e-books are expected to be available by June.

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