District CIO

IT Support Specialist

Gestalt Community Schools

Memphis, Tenn.

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Director of Technology

Adrian City School District

Adrian, Mich.

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Technology Director

Denali Borough School District

Healy, Ark.

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Chicago P.S. Appoints Jack Elsey Chief Innovations Officer

Jack J. Elsey Jr. joined Chicago Public Schools as Chief of Innovation and Incubation. Formerly Elsey was Chief Schools Officer for Detroit Rising College Preparatory Schools and Assistant Superintendent in the Detroit Public Schools. Elsey is a Broad Residency graduate and spent four years on staff at Teach for America. Jason Weeby, of Education Pioneers, interviewed Elsey.

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Diane Jones Appointed CIO/Chief Strategic Officer, Detroit Public Schools

Detroit Public Schools Emergency Financial Manager Roy Roberts has appointed Diane Jones to the position of CIO (Chief Information Officer) & Chief Strategic Officer (CSO).
Jones has been the Chief Information Officer for Detroit Public Schools since August 2010 and recently gained the added duties of Chief Strategic Officer in July 2012.

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Tech Era Calls for More Education and Restriction

Youth internet addiction has reached a desperate and concerning level — so much so that it's resulting in legal action. Most recently, two California teens were charged with "conspiracy and willfully mingling a pharmaceutical with food" after one of them drugged her parents' milkshakes to bypass a 10 p.m. internet curfew. When children begin drugging their own parents for extra minutes on the web, the issue has gone from comical to dangerous, and something needs to change.

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Blended Learning: Teachers Plus Computers Equal Success

Blended learning combines teacher-led instruction and online instruction using computers. Early results suggest the combination of both models gets better results than either element used alone.

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Families Try Out 'Virtual' Public Schools

Worried about exposure to foul language, immodest dress, peer pressure and other inappropriate behavior, Susan Brown didn't want her two daughters attending public schools — even though she's a substitute teacher in a public school in Minnesota.

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Virtual School Principal Logs In

From his desk at the Massachusetts Virtual Academy office on Davis Street, Carl Tillona looked out across the large room at four teachers, each of whom wore headphones and spread out at tables with laptops, communicating lesson plans virtually with students and parents.

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Detroit Public Schools Computer Thieves Sentenced

Detroit Public Schools officials say two men who stole at least 38 computers from the district are now behind bars. A Detroit Public Schools police investigation, in conjunction with the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office, led to the arrests and guilty pleas from Cornelius Johnson and Lewis Raymond Buyck, alleged gang members who stole multiple computers from the school system.

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