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Troy, N.Y., schools receive state P-Tech grant

The Troy, N.Y., school district has received a $2.8 million state P-Tech grant that it expects will help 300 students prepare for high-skill jobs over the next seven years. The P-Tech program connects local educational institutions with the state's regional economic development programs.

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New Jersey high school hands out Samsung Chromebooks

After the installation of a $45,000 wireless infrastructure, Marist High School in New Jersey gave each student a Samsung Series 3 Chromebook. Now, by accessing the school's network through their laptop, students can take notes, read textbooks, and study for tests online.

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Change Agents: The Menlo App Academy wants kids to code

Matt Dillabough and Max Colbert, the two 14-year-olds behind the Menlo App Academy, have a mission to teach the USA to code. And that could fill a growing need for U.S. employers.

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San Mateo district petitions for a project-learning-based high school

A petition was filed with the San Mateo Union High School District Thursday for a new high school focused on design and hands-on projects while retaining traditional learning.

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York, Pa. School of Technology opens new tech lab

Sixteen racks of new computer routers and servers turned on for students at the York County School of Technology in Pennsylvania on Monday afternoon. The Cisco Network Academy lab is available at a growing number of Pennsylvania tech schools.

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Financial glitches slow digital makeover effort for Utah schools

Students are powering on MacBook Air laptops and Skyping with teachers at Kaysville charter school Career Path High. The new technology is partially funded by a state program that awards a tech overhaul to selected schools. But as digital projectors at Career Path High glow, students at other winning schools are still waiting for their promised devices.

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K12 video games grow up

Designers are creating elaborate graphics and engrossing plots to engage students in lessons. This evolution, designers say, is key to engaging students in the learning embedded in this new wave of games that educators are using in and outside class to augment curriculum.

Zombies invade STEM in new online program

Zombies will be feeding the minds of STEM students using a new program created by Texas Instruments that blends science and math concepts with popular television shows and movies. The “STEM Behind Hollywood” program provides free teaching materials that also feature forensics, space, and superheroes.

More technology success results needed

Digital technology is a good thing when it comes to motivating today’s students. But it also raises many challenges, the biggest of which involve effectiveness and equality. State, district, and even classroom leaders would serve students, their families, and taxpayers well by creating and sharing policies that thoroughly address technology's effect on these areas.

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Let’s stop focusing on gadgets and start using tech to empower people

Red Burns was one of the most influential figures in the tech industry over the past 30 years, most famous for co-founding the groundbreaking Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at NYU. Two weeks ago, she passed away. But much more needs to be said about one of the smartest, gutsiest women I ever knew, and about what she thought about education, technology, design … and life.

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