drug prevention

Random drug testing proposal divides New Jersey community

Parents have sued school board over proposal to test students in extra-curricular activities

A New Prescription for Fighting Drug Abuse

Raising student awareness about the consequences of prescription drugs has taken on a new urgency.

Teenage Over-the-Counter Drug Abuse

All school personnel should be educated on the warning signs and symptoms.

Helping Districts Recover From Tragedy

In December, the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools gave $50,000 each to three districts recovering from multiple student suicides.

DOE Asks Students "How Safe Do You Feel in School?"

New federal grant program will produce climate surveys assessing how comfortable students feel in schools.

School Safety Takes a Back Seat

School districts across the nation are making budget cuts in a previously taboo area—safety.

Recovery High Schools

These schools provide a safe haven for teenagers to stay clean and get back on track.

Helping Kids Say No to Drugs

Success stories from districts across the nation.