Elliot Soloway

Higher Ed Has MOOCs, but K12 Still Needs to Catch Up

Can K12 Get What Medicine Is Getting?

A shot of incentives for education is needed.

Want Increased Student Achievement Using iPads?

Don’t settle for just a few good apps.
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The "Age of Mobilism" in K12 Education

DA columnists Elliot Soloway and Cathleen Norris are experts in education technology, and have traveled the world researching how mobile technologies, particularly smartphones, can be used in K12 education.

The $100 Computer Is Here Today

One-to-one across the nation by 2015 is inevitable.

Affinity Schools Are Inevitable

Mobile technology is a key enabler.

DA’s Forward-Thinking Columnists

We're all about offering solutions, and our seven columnists add immensely to the mix of content we offer.

Using Tomorrow’s Technology to Teach Yesterday’s Curriculum

What a waste.

ISTE’s Mobile Learning Group “Grows the Conversation”

ISTE's Special Interest Group for Mobile Learning (SIGML) is expanding rapidly.

BYOD as the Catalyst to Transform Classroom

After billions of dollars spent, the impact on student achievement of computer use in K12 has been essentially zero.