Setting a Foundation with Reading and Writing

Joseph Lopez has brought the Texas Literacy Initiative to El Paso.

Teachers Prioritize Literacy from Math to History

Robots Take Over Emily Dickinson

Schools Get More Diverse, ELL Instruction Remains Bleak

The longer these students stay in special language programs, the further they fall behind in other subjects. In several states, their graduation rates are at less than 60 percent, and as low as 29 percent in Nevada, according to federal data.

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Keeping Cursive in the Classroom

Why Newspaper Advisers Are Heroes

These educators put up an enormous amount of effort for the privilege of putting out a school newspaper.

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Higher Numbers of ELL, Other Needs in Topeka Schools

At Whitson Elementary School, Laura Austin’s class of eight first graders sat in two groups of four Friday morning, each student huddled behind a makeshift screen of manila folders, waiting for a spelling test.

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What Are You Doing for Banned Books Week?

Sept. 30 - Oct. 6 is Banned Books Week and libraries from Maine to Oregon are celebrating the 30th anniversary of our freedom to read.

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Successful Strategies for English Language Learners

Districts employ a variety of programs to address surging ELL enrollment—and dropout rate.

Do Economic Rewards Work?

The jury is still out.