enhancing education through technology

Going Out of Print

School libraries of the future could be light on books and heavy on digital resources.

Mobile Tech Continues to Advance

The world is rapidly embracing mobile, and schools are next.

Shocking the System with Emerging Technologies

Startl, is a new nonprofit organization promoting the proliferation of new media in education.

The Advantages of Properly Implemented One-to-One Technology

Project RED (Revolutionizing Education), an alliance of technology education leaders from across the nation, released its findings on Oct. 20 after studying how technology is implemented in nearly 1,000 schools. DA spoke with the Project RED president and CEO of the Hayes Connection, Jeanne Hayes.

District uses math and science "activity objects" to get more from interactive whiteboards

Adaptive Curriculum software helps students get hands-on familiarity with complex concepts, raises scores

Google and Microsoft Go to School

The computing giants compete to provide powerful online applications to school districts—for free.

New Products

The latest in hardware, software, books and materials, facilities and the Internet.

'Doodle 4 Google' contest leads to a tech win for Missouri district

No More One-Size-Fits-All Learning

The federal government finally gets 21st-century learning right.

'Our customers are buying peace of mind'