Hillsborough County (Fla.) plans two new schools, three school renovations

Hillsborough County's school district will build an elementary and middle school in the southeastern part of the county and is renovating three elementaries this year.

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New St. Louis schools collaboration offers hope for transfer discussion

Just sit back and watch as the St. Louis Public Schools and KIPP charter schools combine forces to show the St. Louis region the educational wave of the future.

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Shrinking population, heavy debt make turnaround tough for Detroit schools

Michigan’s governor on July 15 appointed a seasoned financial guru to run Detroit’s ailing public school district, a move that many observers hailed as a saving grace for the city's classrooms in decline. Three days later, Detroit filed for bankruptcy.

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Chicago parents ask court to delay plan to close schools

Chicago parents are asking a U.S. judge to delay for at least one year, if not permanently, the city Board of Education’s plans to close 49 public schools.

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Room to spare in Boston schools — so make better use of it

The decline in high-school populations won’t reverse until the school system gives parents the longer school days and rigorous academic environments that are characteristic of state-authorized charter schools, which are expanding across Boston.

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High school student decline a strain for Boston

Boston public high school enrollment is on the slide, leaving nearly 3,000 seats empty and raising questions about possible school closures.

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Orange (Fla.) district offers transfer option to students at crowded schools

Parents at 70 overcrowded Orange County Public Schools will have the option to transfer their children to one of 47 less crowded school this fall under a School Board policy finalized this week.

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Missouri schools prepare to accept students from failing St. Louis County districts

After turning away kids for years, school superintendents say they plan to begin accepting transfer requests this summer from the first of what could be hundreds — if not thousands — of students seeking to leave two unaccredited districts in north St. Louis County.

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Drop in enrollment forces tough decisions in rural district

School districts get creative when enrollment drops

Administrators send students to stronger schools, start new programs, and engage parents